Manchester, Connecticut

Blasting FAQ's

Blasting FAQs
  • Are blasters required to have a permit from the Fire Marshal?
    • Yes, a permit to transport, use and purchase explosives is required before any blasting is performed.
  • Do I have the right to be notified of a blasting operation in my neighborhood?
    • There is no regulation requiring persons to be notified that blasting is occurring in your neighborhood. Each blasting operation is unique. Blasters are required to conduct a pre-blast survey within certain distances to adjoining property.
  • My house shook during a blasting operation nearby, what do I do?
    • Call the Fire Marshals' Office if you have a concern about the blasting taking place. Most blasting operations do cause some seismic and air blast vibration. All blasting operations are monitored by the Fire Marshal and do require pre-blast surveys and seismic readings of nearby buildings, within specific distances, to determine safe levels of ground and air movement.