Manchester, Connecticut

Propane Tank Installation (Commercial installation only)

  • Propane Tank Installation (Commercial installation only)
    • Please note: A Licensed Contractor is required for installation of gas lines & propane tank installations.
    • The Contractor shall provide the following information to the Fire Marshal's Office:
Propane Tank Installation Application
  1. A drawing or digital photograph of the home to include the following information:
    • Indicate if the container is to be filled in place or subject to container exchange.
    • Location of openings within the minimum distance to container per NFPA 58 Appendix 1, Fig. 1-1 or 1-2.
    • Distance from the occupancy and/or building to the Propane Tank.
    • Distance from the Property Line to the Propane Tank.
  2. Multi-family & apartment unit residents needs to be notified that a window air conditioner cannot be used within the minimum distance as defined by NFPA 58 Standard.
  3. Type & size of Propane Tank.
  4. Propane Supplier
  5. There is a fee of $20.00 per tank for the Plan Review for the installation of the Propane Tank. Cash, credit card or check made payable to "Town of Manchester Fire Department"  are accepted.
  6. It is the responsibility of the Contractor or the Building Owner, to contact the Fire Marshal's Office to schedule an appointment for a final inspection once the Permit is received and the Propane Tank is installed. Please allow a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours notice to schedule the appointment.
    • The installaion of a Propane Tank shall comply with the NFPA 58 (See Diagram)
    • The above requirements include all ASME and DOT tanks that are equipped to be filled onsite.